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Scholarship Bidikmisi For graduate SMA / SMK / MA Year 2017

Bidikmisi is tuition assistance for students finishing their studies and have good academic potential to study in college on excellent courses to graduate on time.

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Student Dormitory Undip Will be Officially Opened

Undip will soon open officially a new building for student dormitory which is assisted by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. The building was built to international standards,

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Undip as University of Legal Entity, Rector : Dean As Budget Users

Semarang – Since official announcement Undip as University of Legal Entity (PTN-BH) fully started in January 2017, Undip eager to improve and work together for carrying out its mission as a World Class University. It was emphasized again by the Rector Undip, Prof. Yos Johan Utama speaking in the opening meeting of the Budget Implementation

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RSND Open Hemodialysis Services

National Hospital of Diponegoro open Hemodialysis services began on January 3, 2017. For the first step, the hemodialysis services in RSND provide 4 (four) beds

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Congratulations, Media Journal of Nursing UNDIP Accredited B

Media Journal of Nursing (NMJN) published by the Department of Nursing Faculty of Medicine UNDIP succed getting status B for scientific periodicals of the Ministry of   ,fg  Research, Technology and Higher Education. This information is in accordance with the Decree of the Director General attachment Reinforcement of Research and Development, Ministry of Research, Technology and

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RSND  Have Cath Lab for Coronary Heart Disease

In order to improve the quality of service to the public, the National Hospital of  Diponegoro has opened Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab) / Angiography.

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DWP UNDIP Conserves Noble Values of R.A. Kartini

R.A Kartini is a figure of hero woman who raises the degree of woman’s equality with men. Many of Kartini’s ideas and writings which inspire modern women to work and career while still recognizes its role as a woman and mother to his children.

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UNDIP Send 3668 Students for KKN Program

Today, Rector of Undip, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH, M. Hum, sends 3668 students included in the first team of academic year of 2016/2017 for implementing KKN Program,

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UNDIP Enhances International Cooperation to China

The Vision of Undip as the the World Class University began sharpened as Undip delegation’s visit to China to expand cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Jimei University, Xiamen University and Huaqiao University dated January 1 to 7, 2017.

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15 Students of International Relations Undip Passed SHARE Program

Recently, 15 Students of International Relations Studies Program, University of Diponegoro passed the SHARE scholarship program is a full scholarship for

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UNDIP Appreciated The Researchers

Diponegoro University appreciated the researchers of Undip by giving award in the event of “Launching Undip as The University of Legal Entity” at Gedung Prof.H.Soedarto, SH Tembalang recently.

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Researchers of UNDIP Handling MDR Pathogens Bacterial Infections

UNDIP Researcher, Dr. Agus Trianto. ST .. MSc., Endang Sri Lestari., Dr., PhD and Prof. Drs. Ocky Karna R, M.Sc, Ph.D successfully handling MDR bacterial infections.

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Research UNDIP Successfully Controlling The Coral Disease

Diponegoro University researcher, Prof. Dr. Agus Sabdono, M.Sc and Dr. Ir. Sarjito, M.App.Sc. succesfully controlling the coral disease, through research polysaccharide microsphere

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Helping Disability by Creating Bionic Hand

Center for Bio Mechanics, Bio Materials, Bio Machantronics and Signal Processing (CBIOM3S) Diponegoro University creating the manufacture of artificial limbs, false hip and bionic hand for persons with physical disabilities.

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UNDIP Support The Biological Conservation by Doing “Coastal Clean Up”

Basically, nature conservation is the management of natural resources which utilization Righteousness done to ensure

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The Ozone Technological Utilization for Storage of Agricultural Products

Many Indonesian agricultural products require storage system so that the product remains “fresh” to the consumer. The  technology to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables are the way out so that the quality is maintained.

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Recently, Faculty of Engineering of Diponegoro University achieved the ISO 9001: 2015 from TUV Rheindland

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